So it begins… (again)

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お久しぶりです。(Long time no see)

Welcome to my own personal corner of the internet, the newly redesigned website.

This relaunch has been a long time coming as the previous website was last updated in the summer of 2006.
Since then it sat here languishing in it’s rapidly aging Flash incarnation as the world quickly changed and moved on around it. That poor old site got quietly forgotten as technology rapidly evolved and I focused instead on my new role and responsibilities at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

But now, with a little help from some friends it will be reborn afresh. There were a few false starts and rethinks along the way but I’ve finally settled on a relatively easy to update WordPress structure and hopefully this site will grow into something much more interesting from here on in.

In fact, it was quite a daunting task just to catalogue the previous site’s contents and transfer it over to the new design. I’ve also seen and done so much since that last update in 2006 that it was difficult to decide where to start. This is best summed up in the words of Bladrunner’s Roy Batty:

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…

The new site will be part showreel, part portfolio and part travel blog. I’ve done some exciting things with some exceptionally talented people and I’m really looking forward to sharing what little I can of it here here.

I also plan on using this journal area to post about other things that interest and inspire me. A random collection of thoughts and observations on everything from art & design to cinema and technology… (and probably far too much about cameras, photography and Japan. Apologies in advance for that. I can become a bit of a stuck record at times)

Well that is all for the first post. I hope you enjoy the new site. I’m going to begin updating the site slowly but hopefully more regularly with new content so do check back often.


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